Night Mode: Why It Is Necessary And How to Set Up In Various Platforms

Across various mobile and desktop platforms there is a “night mode” feature that will reduce the blue light levels let off by the display. While some operating systems have such a “night mode” feature built in, others will need to have a third-party option installed. This article will cover the various “night mode” options available for a few common platforms and what exactly they do. What does Night Mode do? Put simply, a device’s output of blue light can throw off the natural human circadian rhythm. This is the internal... Read more

This Script Can Make GNOME Shell Look like Windows, Mac, or Unity

GNOME Shell’s stock experience is fairly vanilla, but with the right ingredients you can give it an entirely different flavour.  GNOME Layout Manager is a new script in development that takes advantage of this malleability. Using it you can  quickly transform GNOME Shell to look like: Ubuntu Unity Windows macOS We’ve written articles before showing you can make Ubuntu look like […] This post, This Script Can Make GNOME Shell Look like Windows, Mac, or Unity, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Microsoft adds another layer to the Windows 10 patching onion

Microsoft yesterday added another update cycle to Windows 10’s monthly patching, saying that the new collection of non-security-only fixes would give corporate customers the “increased flexibility” they had demanded.On Monday, Michael Niehaus, director of Windows 10 product marketing, announced the new monthly update, saying that the company would initially issue it only to customers running 1703, the upgrade also known as Creators Update, which launched earlier this month.”We will routinely offer one (or sometimes more than one) additional update each month,” Niehaus wrote in a post to a company blog.... Read more

New Strain of Linux Malware Could Get Serious

A new strain of malware targeting Linux systems, dubbed “Linux/Shishiga,” could morph into a dangerous security threat. Eset on Tuesday disclosed the threat, which represents a new Lua family unrelated to previously seen LuaBot malware. Read more

Don't install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your own, Microsoft advises

Microsoft would prefer it if you didn’t try to install the Windows 10 Creators Update yourself. Instead, the company is encouraging everyone but advanced users to wait for the Creators Update to become available via Windows Update. That means workarounds for excited users, like the Media Creation Tool or the Windows Update Assistant, are discouraged.The reason for all this hesitation, according to Microsoft, is that the company wants to iron out any issues for specific hardware configurations before making the upgrade available to affected PCs via Windows Update. Microsoft is... Read more

What WebExtensions Means for Firefox Users

Some big changes are afoot with Mozilla’s flagship web browser. Last year the company introduced a little something called WebExtensions to Firefox 48. This is a new API for extensions that Mozilla wants to introduce to its browser which will eventually phase out the old, yet highly successful, APIs that the company’s been using until now. This has left some Firefox users concerned, as it’s not yet entirely clear what’s required of existing extensions for them to be compatible with WebExtensions, which will eventually be mandatory for all extensions running... Read more