IDG Contributor Network: Is a Microsoft WinBook coming?

Rumors are swirling that an announcement from Microsoft about a Windows 10 Cloud OS is imminent.What does that mean? It’s basically a full Windows 10 experience pared down to become a cloud only system without the ability to install apps and with limited networking and accessory capability. Is this a good thing, or another Windows RT/Netbook disaster waiting to happen?Microsoft needs to compete in several markets where Chromebooks are doing quite well. The biggest is the education market, where Chromebooks outsell all other computing devices — including iPads and low-end PCs.... Read more

Light a Fire under Cassandra with Apache Ignite

Apache Cassandra is a popular database for several reasons. The open source, distributed, NoSQL database has no single point of failure, so it’s well suited for high-availability applications. It supports multi-datacenter replication, allowing organizations to achieve greater resiliency by, for example, storing data across multiple Amazon Web Services availability zones. It also offers massive and linear scalability, so any number of nodes can easily be added to any Cassandra cluster in any datacenter. Read more

Cumulus Qt is a Lightweight Weather App for Linux

Cumulus Qt is a Qt weather app for the Linux desktop. It’s lightweight, has a bold, striking design inspired by Stormcloud, and is very customisable. This post, Cumulus Qt is a Lightweight Weather App for Linux, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Ubuntu Devs Work on Rebasing Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) to Linux Kernel 4.11

It looks like the Ubuntu Kernel team is back at work after taking a short break, and they recently published another installation of their bi-weekly newsletter to inform the Ubuntu Linux community about what to expect in the coming weeks. Now that the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system is open for development, and that daily build ISO images are already available for download, it’s time to have a look under the hood and see what to expect from the Ubuntu Kernel team. Long story short, and as expected,... Read more

IPFire 2.19 Now Supports On-Demand IPsec VPNs, Core Update 110 Is Now Available

IPFire’s Michael Tremer announced today, April 28, 2017, the release of IPFire 2.19 Core Update 110, a new stable maintenance version of the open-source, Linux-based firewall operating system. Coming two and a half months after the previous point release, IPFire 2.19 Core Update 110 is here to implement support for on-demand IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which might just come in handy to those who deal with a huge amount of IPsec net-to-net connections on their infrastructures. “IPFire used to keep IPsec VPNs up all the time.... Read more

ASUS Routers Get New Firmware – Download AsusWrt-Merlin Version 380.66 Beta 2

AsusWrt-Merlin has provided new firmware packages targeted at several ASUS router models, namely version 380.66 Beta 2, which adds SANs for hostname,, IP and DDNS hostname to SSL certificates generated for httpds. If you intend to make use of this new enhancement, first know that the developer has provided separate installation files compatible with ASUS’ RT-AC56U, RT-AC56R, RT-AC56S, RT-AC68U, RT-AC68R, RT-AC68P, RT-AC68W, RT-AC87U, RT-AC87R, and RT-AC88U routers. In addition to that, the present version is also available for the RT-N66U (VER.B1), RT-N66R, RT-N66W, RT-AC66U, RT-AC66W, RT-AC66R, RT-AC3100, RT-AC3200, and... Read more