Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 26 Has You Covered!

Fedora 26 will ship with a stunning set of community-contributed wallpapers, and as ever, the standard of entries in the contest is incredibly high. This post, Need a New Wallpaper? Fedora 26 Has You Covered!, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Vivaldi 1.10 Browser Now in Development, Will Introduce Docked Developer Tools

Vivaldi’s Ruarí Ødegaard just informed us a few moments ago that Vivaldi 1.10 will be the next major version of the free and cross-platform web browser based on the latest Chromium technologies, not Vivaldi 2.0 as many of you have hoped.Vivaldi 1.9 just hit the streets the other day as world’s first web browser to ship with the Ecosia search engine enabled by default to help reforest the plane, and it now looks like Vivaldi’s devs never sleep, and development of Vivaldi 1.10 starts today with the first snapshot, Vivaldi... Read more

Microsoft Could Launch Surface Laptop Running Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft and Qualcomm announced in late Windows on ARM, a new project that brings the full version of the desktop operating system on ARM chips like the Snapdragon. Qualcomm has recently confirmed that the first ARM PCs running the full version of Windows are projected to hit the market as soon as this year, and according to a new report, there s a good chance that Microsoft itself could launch one such device.Digitimes, which had its own share of hits and misses on Microsoft rumors in the past, cites upstream... Read more

Microsoft Brings Project NEON Visual Effects on Windows 10 Stable

Microsoft has released an update to the Groove Music app that brings Project NEON visual improvements on production machines running Windows , as all these tweaks have previously been tested as part of the Windows Insider program. Currently at version . . . on stable versions of Windows , Groove Music now features translucency and blur effects that are expected to be part of Project NEON that goes live with the Redstone update in September. Project NEON is a visual overhaul prepared by Microsoft for Windows and scheduled to launch... Read more

Resetter – Reset Ubuntu and Linux Mint to Default Settings

Have you experienced times when you need to just scrap all that you’re doing and start afresh? There’s a reason why a clean OS installation usually sounds good to the ears – you want to reset to default. When I was new to Ubuntu I often found myself stuck at points wherein I had forgotten […] Read more

Cross-platform development with Python and BeeWare

If you want to develop for Android, you have to use Java. If you want to develop for iOS, you have to use Objective C. And if you want to develop for the web, you have to use JavaScript. Right? These may be the preferred languages for these platforms, but at the end of the day, mobile phones and web browsers are computing platforms, and with a little work, you can use any language you want. With the BeeWare suite of libraries and bridges, you can use just Python. And,... Read more

Surveying Linux system update and integrity protection schemes

At ELC 2017, Intel’s Patrick Ohly explores the pros and cons of system update mechanisms and integrity protection schemes for Yocto Project. Given the increasing malware attacks against Linux-based IoT devices, there is growing interest in integrity protection schemes, as well as system update mechanisms that support over-the-air (OTA) field upgrades. At the recent Embedded […] Read more

Microsoft’s Surface Starts Declining as New Generation Not Yet on the Radar

After so many years of growth, Microsoft s Surface started declining, with the latest quarter bringing a drop in revenue, mostly because no new devices were launched. Microsoft revealed in the earnings reports for the third quarter of the fiscal year that Surface revenue declined percent, with the company itself citing the end of product life as one of the main reasons. This quarter our Surface results fell short of expectations impacted by the end of product life cycle and increased price competition. We continue to innovate and invest in... Read more