It's Now Possible to Boot Android on i.MX6 Platforms without Proprietary Blobs

Collabora’s Robert Foss is reporting on a new NXP i.MX6 buffer modifier implementation on Android and Mesa, which allows Android to run on the i.MX6 platform without needing any proprietary blobs. Support for buffer modifiers was added in two both Mesa and gbm_gralloc. While gbm_gralloc is now capable of using the “GBM_BO_IMPORT_FD_MODIFIER” GBM API call, which has been designed to import a buffer object and accompany various information, such as the one about the modifier used by the respective buffer object, Mesa received buffer modifier support in GBM and several... Read more

All-in-One panel PCs run Linux or Windows on Skylake and Bay Trail

Aaeon’s rugged, Linux-ready OMNI-5000 AIO panel PCs include Celeron J1900 based 12.1- and 15-inch models and a Skylake-based, 21.5-inch system. Aaeon has launched a line of OMNI-500 All-in-One panel PCs in three models with 12.1-, 15-, and 21.5-inch capacitive touchscreens. The two smaller models offer an Intel “Bay Trail” Celeron J1900 with four up to […] Read more

Hovering Over a Link in Malicious PowerPoint Can Infect You with Banking Trojan

Hackers are becoming more and more innovative when it comes to finding ways to infect your computer. This time, you could get infected if you so much as hover your mouse over a link embedded in a malicious PowerPoint file.  According to security firm Trend Micro, this technique is employed by a Trojan downloader which has been uncovered in a recent spam email campaign in the EMEA region, particularly organizations across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland.  “The Trojan downloader we monitored and analyzed had a variant of... Read more

Researcher Wants to Kill Hidden Printer Dots on Documents to Help Whistleblowers

One security researcher is on a war path against those hidden dots left behind by laser printers, dots which may be the reason why the DOJ figured out who was behind the latest NSA leak regarding Russia’s hacking of the US voting system ahead of last year’s elections.  Gabor Szathmari, who works for CryptoAustralia, says he wants to develop a method to improve security of leaked documents by removing the hidden dots left behind by laser printers. This is a system that’s in place to watermark documents and track down... Read more

Experimental 64bit Plan9 kernel

Source for an experimental 64-bit Plan 9 kernel, and supporting software. It features a revised memory-management system, MCS spin locks, and other changes to system data structures to support full 64-bit addressing. Changes to the scheduler are also planned, to improve support for multicore. Currently it supports AMD64 (x86-64, Intel 64), although parts have run on other platforms. Read more