AccuWeather for iOS Caught Collecting Data Even When Users Ask It Not To

AccuWeather is currently one of the top weather applications on mobile devices, so it should come as a big surprise that it might be violating Apple’s guidelines due to data collection running even when users specifically block it from doing this. Security researcher Will Strafach has conducted an in-depth analysis of the way AccuWeather handles user data collection and discovered that even when users block the application from retrieving their location, some information is still being sent to RevealMobile, a company that helps mobile app developers “generate more mobile revenue,”... Read more

How many of your games run on Linux?

Gamer? Check. Linux user? Check. For years, one of the top excuses I heard from friends who would otherwise have switched to Linux long ago is that they just couldn’t give up their Windows-only games. I can empathize. I was a dual-booter for years for exactly this reason, and it made making the switch harder for me. After all, once I’m booted into one operating system, the temptation is to stay there rather than rebooting once gameplay is over. Today, the landscape is far different. It’s much easier than it... Read more

Rugged, fanless box-PC runs Linux on G-Series, offers real-time Ethernet

MEN Micro’s rugged, fanless “BC50F” box-PC runs Linux on AMD G-Series SoCs, and offers dual HD graphics, GbE, “real-time Ethernet,” mini-PCIe, and more. Nuremberg, Germany-based MEN Micro (aka MEN Mikro) has for many years designed and manufactured rugged embedded PCs targeting industrial embedded applications as well as rail and public transport deployments. In addition to […] Read more

What Is “Hybrid Sleep” on Windows, and When Is It Useful?

If you’ve poked about within the Windows power settings, you may have found a strange option within the “Sleep” category. One of the options will ask if you want to “Allow Hybrid sleep.” However, it doesn’t really explain what, exactly, hybrid sleep does. So, what is hybrid sleep, and more importantly, should you turn it on or off? What Is Hybrid Sleep? “Hybrid Sleep” is, in essence, a hybrid of both “Hibernate” and “Sleep.” Therefore, in order to understand it, we first need to look at what both “Hibernate” and... Read more

How to Stop Browser Autofill Features from Leaking Your Personal Data

If you’re like most people, you rely on browser autofill to complete annoying web forms. Browser “autofill” automatically fills your information into fields in web forms based on information you’d previously entered into these fields. The bad news is that malicious third parties and black-hat hackers can use this autofill feature in browsers to trick you into giving away your sensitive information. A white-hat hacker from Finland, Viljami Kuosmanen, who is also a web developer, showed in his GitHub demo that attackers could hijack the autofill feature in plugins, password... Read more

Apple Outs Public Beta 6 Updates for iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13 and tvOS 11

As expected, it didn’t take Apple too long to release the sixth Public Beta updates of its forthcoming iOS 11, macOS High Sierra 10.13, and tvOS 11 operating systems to public beta testers after announcing earlier the seventh developer betas. Including the same tweaks and bug fixes, the iOS 11 Public Beta 6, macOS High Sierra 10.13 Public Beta 6, and tvOS 11 Public Beta 6 updates are now available for download on your registered devices if you’re running last week’s Public Beta 5 builds. You can update via OTA... Read more