FAQ: How to skip a Windows 10 upgrade

Enterprises that try to slow down Microsoft’s upgrade train by skipping one of the twice-yearly Windows 10 refreshes will have to hustle to stay in support, according to the company’s latest scheduling disclosures.Corporate users of Windows 10 may have as little as two months to deploy a feature upgrade after passing on the one prior. Only if IT administrators are willing to roll out a consumer-quality version — one that Microsoft has not yet given the approved-for-business green light — will they have up to six months to upgrade employees’... Read more

Implementing blockchain for cognitive IoT applications, Part 1: Integrate device data with smart contracts in IBM Blockchain

Internet of things (IoT) solutions are being successfully adopted in many different industries, such as healthcare, warehousing, transportation, and logistics. Current centralized cloud-based IoT solutions may not scale and meet the security challenges faced by large-scale enterprises. The use of blockchain as a distributed ledger of transactions and peer-to-peer communication among participating nodes can solve such problems. This article provides an overview of blockchain-enabled IoT solutions and demonstrates how to use the IBM Blockchain platform for an IoT application in a multi-partner environment. Read more

5 Security Tips to Make BitTorrent File Sharing Safer

In the race to keep one step ahead of the eye in the sky, the main concern among the BitTorrent sharing community is summed up in one word: “anonymity.” Given that almost 70% of Internet users feel that file sharing is completely acceptable, it’s not so much a race from the cyber police as a leisurely swim with millions of other complacent fish hiding in the crowd – at least for now. You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about VPNs over the past couple of years, but this isn’t... Read more

How to Easily Set Up Third Party DNS on Linux

Are you a Linux user? Want to try an alternative DNS service but are unsure how to do it? Not to worry! In this tutorial we’ll go over how to change the DNS settings in Linux via a network manager. Additionally, we’ll outline why it might be better to switch your entire router over rather than just doing it on individual computers manually. Not sure what an “alternative DNS” service is? Check out this article that outlines in detail why these services exist and why users should strongly consider using them! Adding... Read more

GRUB 2.02 Bootloader Officially Released with ZFS LZ4 & LVM RAID1 Support, More

The long-anticipated GRUB 2.02 open-source bootloader software project was finally promoted to the stable channel after being in Beta stages of development for the past few years. The development team took their time to finalize the release of GRUB 2.02, which should soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite operating system, but it’s finally here and we want to thank them for all their hard work and the awesome new features and improvements implemented so far. Prominent features of GRUB 2.02 include Big-Endian UFS1 support,... Read more

Solus Now Powered by Linux Kernel 4.9.24 LTS, New Repo Sync Tool Coming Soon

It’s been more than a week since Solus Project launched the new Solus ISO snapshot, along with the first release of the Solus GNOME Edition, and Joshua Strobl is back with another installation of the This Week In Solus (TWiS) newsletter.This Week In Solus Install delivers both good and bad news to Solus users. We’ll start with the good news, as the distribution is now powered by the Linux . . LTS kernel, and the ypkg build tool was updated to version , a maintenance release that adds a few... Read more

MAME 0.185 Adds Support for Galaxy Games StarPak 4 Prototype and Pirate Ship

The April release of the MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) open-source emulator designed to recreate the hardware of arcade game systems on modern PCs is now available for download, versioned 0.185. Believe it or not, it’s been a month since MAME 0.184 landed with improvements to Agat-7 Apple II Clone emulation and support for new arcade games, and MAME 0.185 is yet another great release bringing a bunch of important bug fixes, as well as support for new hardware and the usual emulation improvements. Among the changes, we can mention... Read more

Unity 7 To Get an Easy Way to Enable Low Graphics Mode

A more accessible way to enable low graphics mode on Unity 7 may be on the way. The desktop already supports a low graphics mode of sorts, which can be enabled via Compiz. But this is far a) not easy to enable and b) does not disable every cycle-sucking composited element in the UI. But a fix is coming. Unity 7 will […] This post, Unity 7 To Get an Easy Way to Enable Low Graphics Mode, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more