The Four Pillars of Cloud-Native Operations

As organizations shift their application strategies to embrace the cloud-native world, the purpose of the cloud transitions from saving money to delivering and managing applications. Platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Docker redefine the possibilities for application environments that utilize the cloud. It’s time for us as operations professionals to rethink how we approach our jobs in this new world. We should be asking, how do our organizations take advantage of cloud-native as a new mode of application delivery? Read more

WiFi “Krack” Vulnerability in WPA2: What You Need to Know

On 16 October 2017, a KRACK vulnerability was found in WPA2 – the most common method of security found in most wireless routers released since 2004. Its nature allows hackers to infiltrate a completely secure WiFi connection without the victim’s knowledge until it is too late for them to do anything about it. To make matters worse, the vast majority of wireless devices use WPA2 to negotiate entry into a network. And the story isn’t over: it might take a few years to completely mitigate the damage, regardless of how... Read more

3 Different Methods To Upgrade Ubuntu To Latest Version

Ubuntu 17.10, codenamed Artful Aardvark, and all official flavors have been released. Ubuntu 17.10 is the first distribution in the Ubuntu family that dropped its flagship Unity desktop. It is now ships with GNOME as its default… The post 3 Different Methods To Upgrade Ubuntu To Latest Version appeared first on OSTechNix. Read more

6 of the Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Say what you will about everyone’s favorite legally dubious TV-streaming platform, but it’s great for choice. Whether you want to go legit with one of its numerous official addons or switch on your VPN, put on your black hat, and burrow into some of the unofficial channels, it has everything for your movie needs. So we’ve decided to put together the best official and unoffical Kodi movie addons and the repositories where you can find them. Related: 6 of the Best Kodi Add-ons for Happy Streamers 1. Crackler Repository: Official... Read more

4 Unusual Android Launchers You Can Use to Make Your Phone More Fun

Custom Android launchers are a quick and easy way to alter your Android experience. Custom launchers often completely alter the way that you interact with your phone. In some cases they even implement new features. Unfortunately, there are a ton of after-market launchers available, making it difficult to find the diamonds in the rough. Truth be told, a lot of launchers offer only slight variations on the standard Android experience. Many launchers rely on cosmetic overhauls to differentiate themselves from the rest. However, a vast majority of these launchers still... Read more

How to Block Intrusive Javascript on Chrome and Firefox

Alongside animation and interactivity, Javascript powers a range of intrusive advertisements, obnoxious pop-ups and dangerous attack vectors like XSS. By selectively blocking certain sources of Javascript, you can get the content you want while blocking the content you don’t. Use these script-blocking extensions below to block intrusive advertisements and protect your privacy. Block Javascript with ScriptSafe on Chrome ScriptSafe blocks scripts on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi. Like any decent script blocker, ScriptSafe blocks nearly all scripts by default. Then, you can allow certain URLs and domains to load... Read more

Your Windows 10 download guide for 1709

Microsoft began rolling out the latest Windows 10 feature upgrade this week.Although this was the fourth upgrade since the mid-2015 debut of the operating system, and the process has much more structure around it than it did in November 2015 when the first update was released, it’s still not treated with the metronome certainty of, say, death and taxes. Customers – particularly corporate customers – are still feeling their way.[ Further reading: 8 steps to install Windows 10 patches like a pro ]For one thing, they face a jumble of... Read more