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Please download Instant WebKiosk from Sourceforge.
Detailed write instructions are available in the FAQ page.


If you like this project please donate via the following PayPal button. Once donation is done I’ll give you the download URL of the donors’ build directly via e-mail within 12 hours.
Double check that your PayPal email address is valid.


Instant WebKiosk donors’ version:

  • home page can be personalized and setting will persist;
  • has a password layer which protects the modify of the operating system settings. Password can be enabled (for multiuser workstations) or disabled (for personal browsing) and modified;
  • screensaver can be enabled or disabled;
  • external USB devices mounting can be enabled or disabled;
  • whole Chrome home directory can be made persistent by the administrator (password protected feature); this means that all modifies you bring (including search engines) and extensions you add to Chrome will be saved;
  • support for office files (LibreOffice, read/write), ZIP and media files (VLC);
  • domains whitelist: it’s possible to restrict access to a list of domains;
  • customizable proxy settings;
  • more wireless drivers.