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Instant WebKiosk is an operating system designed for web kiosks and multi-user web workstations (cafès, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, libraries) on standard (even diskless) PC hardware.

It is a “live”, browser-only distribution of Linux Debian. It means that this “browser operating system” needs no installation because it boots from USB keys.


Instant WebKiosk is a customizable operating system for Internet browsing purposes, which protects privacy: users can modify its settings runtime but after a reset the operating system defaults to original values and users’ informations are completely destroyed. Closing browser window also resets system – in a less secure but quicker manner. It is hacker proof and completely immune to viruses and malware.

Only persistent settings are always preserved: network, localization, video, sound and printer configurations persist across reboots. Browser state (custom settings, extension, bookmarks, history and so on) can also be optionally saved by the admin.

Instant WebKiosk makes use of Google Chromium as Internet browser and it features PDF, images and video viewing, office files and compressed files support; it features full “i18n” (internationalization) including CJ input methods.

It supports printing (plug&print for most common USB printers – network printers need to be manually set) and both wired (with DHCP / static) and wireless networks (DHCP) in order to access the Internet. System parameters are set by an user-friendly web interface. Adobe Flash support has been dropped by latest Chromium version, and HTML5 videos are now used instead.

See download page for free download.