Welcome to Part 2 in a series on taking smart backups with duplicity. This article builds on the basics of duplicity with a tool called duply.
Duply is a frontend for duplicity that integrates smoothly with recurring tools like cron or systemd. Its headline features are:
keeps recurring settings in profiles per backup job
automates import/export of keys between profile and keyring
enables batch operations eg. backup_verify_purge
runs pre/post scripts
precondition checking for flawless duplicity operation
The general form for running duply is:
duply is available in the Fedora repositories. To install it, use the sudo command with dnf:
dnf install duply
Create a profile
duply stores configuration settings for a backup job in a profile. To create a profile, use the create command.
$ duply documents create

Congratulations. You just created the profile ‘documents’.
The initial config file has been created as
You should now adjust this config file to your needs.

Copy the _whole_ profile folder after the first …

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