It's Now Possible to Install the Linux 4.13 RC2 Kernel on Your Slackware Distro

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton is known for creating and maintaining a bunch of Linux-based operating systems, as well as for packaging the latest kernels for Slackware Linux. Slackware is the oldest GNU/Linux distro that’s still in active development, and it recently turned 24 years old. To celebrate this event, Arne Exton managed to create a custom 64-bit kernel for Slackware 14.2 based on the recently released Linux 4.13 RC2 kernel, which brings support for new hardware and other optimizations. “I have compiled a very useful (as I think) 64-bit kernel... Read more

Motorcycle HUD attaches to existing helmets

Mango teQ’s “Reyedr HUD” device attaches to existing motorcycle helmets, offering holographic displays for speed, navigation, and distance. Motorcycle riders can be awfully particular about their helmets, which can also be quite expensive. That could be one reason Skully went out of business after launching its $1,499 Skully AR-1 helmet, which offered an Android-based augmented […] Read more

How to Fix Issues with Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

When diagnosing high CPU or disk usage, the Task Manager in Windows is a user’s best friend. Giving real-time statistics on what processes are using which resources, you can identify a “rogue” process easily. Once you know what’s doing the damage, you can better remedy the issue and save your computer from being fried by its own processes. You might notice a process that can spike to, or stay constantly at, a high CPU usage value. It’s called “Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation,” and it’s a problem a few users have... Read more

5 Excellent eBook Reader Apps for Ubuntu

Wondering what the best ebook reader for ubuntu is? So were we, so we tried a bunch to write this list of the 5 best ebook reading apps available on Ubuntu. This post, 5 Excellent eBook Reader Apps for Ubuntu, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Google: HTML is Faster, Safer, and More Power Efficient Than Adobe's Flash

After Adobe’s big announcement this morning that they plan to end support for Flash in late 2020, Google Chrome’s Anthony Laforge published a blog article asking Flash developers to start transitioning to HTML. For a long time, Google shipped its Chrome web browser built-in with Flash support, but it now looks like Chrome will slowly start blocking Flash content, require explicit permission from users, until upstream support is terminated three years from now, at the end of 2020. Google, like anyone else on this planet, believe HTML is faster, safer,... Read more