Microsoft Releases Feature That Makes Windows 10 Immune to WannaCry, Petya

Windows has been hit twice by ransomware infections in the last couple of months, and thousands of computers ended up compromised after owners failed to properly protect data. While Microsoft has indeed released Windows updates to block these infections, most of the systems that got infected weren’t actually running the latest patches, so it was very clear that the company needed to develop a solution that would keep users secure even when zero-day updates are not available. Enter Controlled folder access. This is a new feature that Microsoft is testing... Read more

London Police Living in the Past, Still Running Windows XP on 18,000 PCs

Windows XP no longer receives updates since 2014, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that London’s Metropolitan Police is in a hurry to upgrade to a newer operating system. In fact, local police officers are still running Windows XP on no more, no less than 18,000 PCs, out of the total 32,751 computers they are currently operating. On the other hand, mayor Sadiq Khan says plans to upgrade to supported Windows are already under way, though a deadline is not very clear at this point. And missing deadlines isn’t quite something... Read more

This is how you OpenStack: 6 new guides and tutorials

Cloud infrastructure is a hugely in-demand skill. And if you’re looking for an open source solution for your cloud infrastructure needs, chances are OpenStack is in that mix. OpenStack is a huge collection of projects, providing solutions and integrations for nearly every part of the cloud stack. While this large scope makes it a powerful tool, it also means that it can be hard to keep up and learn about the full suite of projects, how to use them, how to customize them, and how to contribute code back to... Read more

Kubernetes: Why does it matter?

Developing and deploying cloud-native applications has become very popular—for very good reasons. There are clear advantages to a process that allows rapid deployment and continuous delivery of bug fixes and new features, but there’s a chicken-and-egg problem no one talks about: How do you get there from here? Building the infrastructure and developing processes to develop and maintain cloud-native applications—all from scratch—are non-trivial, time-intensive tasks. read more Read more

Only 2 Percent of Apple’s Users Ready to Switch to Windows

Even though Windows is dominating the desktop market with a market share of approximately 90 percent, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is pleased with Microsoft’s operating system. And a recent survey conducted by Verto Analytics reveals that no less than 21 percent of the Windows users in the United States would switch to Apple’s Mac should they have the chance. But let’s take everything one at a time and see why so many users would gladly embrace Apple’s devices. First and foremost, it’s worth noting that Apple customers appear... Read more

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Preview Build 16232

Microsoft has released another Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview build, once again with a plethora of improvements that allow insiders to try out the new OS version before the public release. Windows 10 build 16232 comes with lots of security refinements, including some that are aimed at Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG). Microsoft has already announced a series of security updates coming in the Fall Creators Update (internally codenamed Redstone 3), and this is the first build that brings them to insiders. Starting with build 16232, Windows 10 comes... Read more

Brace Yourselves, Sync Is Coming to Vivaldi Web Browser, Based on Chromium Sync

We’ve got word from Vivaldi Technologies that they are planning to bring Sync support to their Chromium-based web browser, and they’re showing you the code live on July 5, 2017. Based on the Chromium Sync functionality that Google uses on its Chrome web browser for a long time now, Vivaldi Sync is the most requested feature of the web browser targeted at power users, promising to finally allow you to synchronize your settings. passwords, bookmarks, and notes across multiple PCs where Vivaldi is installed. “Vivaldi Sync is based on the... Read more

Distribution Release: Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-17

Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.5.2-17, an updated build of the Debian-based live CD with specialist utilities for disk cloning and backups: “This release of Clonezilla Live (2.5.2-17) includes major enhancements and bug fixes. Enhancements and changes: the underlying GNU/Linux operating system has been…. Read more

10 of the Best Music Extensions for Google Chrome

Listening to your favorite music after a tough day at work can help relieve the stress. That’s the power of music, and thanks to the following Chrome extensions, you have access to music through your browser. The following Chrome extensions will give you quick access to all sorts of music services created especially for the music lover in all of us. What do these great music extensions for Chrome have to offer? Let’s find out! 1. AudioBox Thanks to AudioBox, streaming your music from different cloud sources has never been... Read more

7 Email Hosting Services to Host Your Emails for a New Domain

You’ve just registered your new domain name and now want to set up an email account in your domain. Like website hosting, you’ll need a hosting server to host and receive your emails. If you are not keen on setting up your own email server, here are seven email hosting services you’ll find helpful. 1. Zoho Mail Zoho Mail provides a free email hosting service for professional users or businesses who want to use their domain name in their email addresses. The service allows you to host twenty-five email addresses on... Read more