DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 726

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Redcore Linux 1706News: Solus adds Snap support, KaOS provides hardened kernel, Gentoo drops hardened kernel, running Debian on mobile devicesQuestions and answers: Rolling releases and BSDReleased last week: Solus 3, Raspbian 2017-08-16, feren OS 2017.08Torrent corner: feren OS, NuTyX, Raspbian, SharkLinux, SmartOS,…. Read more

How to Fix the Windows 10 Automatic Repair Loop

The Automatic Repair Loop can be one of the most frustrating things to happen to your Windows PC. Ironically, it never actually repairs anything, instead putting your PC in a futile bootloop that locks you out of Windows. It tells you that “Automatic Repair couldn’t repair your PC” (thanks for that), then gives you the options to Shut down your PC and presumably give up on it forever or go into “Advanced options.” It’s a critical problem in need of fast – and sometimes drastic – solutions, and we’ve compiled... Read more

Snap Apps To Get Big Promo Push in Ubuntu Software

Ubuntu plans to highlight new Snap apps in the desktop Ubuntu Software app, but it seems they’re going further than we initially imagined. This post, Snap Apps To Get Big Promo Push in Ubuntu Software, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Linus Torvalds Plans to Release the Final Linux 4.13 Kernel on September 3, 2017

As it’s Sunday here in the US, Linus Torvalds just published his regular, weekly announcement to announce a new RC (Release Candidate) milestone of the forthcoming Linux 4.13 kernel series.Last week’s RC5 release was smaller than the previous fourth Release Candidate, and Linus Torvalds was confident that things would progress normally for this development cycle. And he was right, as RC6 seems to be a normal patch, not to mention that things were quite calm during the past week. It brings only a few updated networking, sound, and InfiniBand drivers,... Read more

Fedora 26 Linux Gets First Set of Updated Live ISOs with Linux Kernel 4.12.5

As promised last month when they published the last Live ISO respins of the Fedora 25 Linux operating system, the Fedora Respins-SIG team was pleased to announce the first ISO snapshots of Fedora 26. That’s right, Fedora 26 Linux just got several of its official installation images rebuilt, which include a newer kernel and all the latest software and security patches that have been published on the distro’s official repositories since its launch last month on July 11, 2017. “We the Fedora Respins-SIG are happy to announce new F26-20170815 updated... Read more

Wine 2.15 Has Improvements for Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Microsoft Outlook 2010

A bit late than expected due to the obvious summer holidays, Wine 2.15 development release is here for GNU/Linux and macOS users who want to install and use Windows apps on their favorite computer operating systems. Wine 2.15 is clearly the smallest release of the year, as it only adds support for the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption standard, improves support for Bezier curves in Direct2D, as well as chunked transfers in WinInet. Besides that, the maintenance release fixes a total of nine issues. Among the bug fixes, we can... Read more

TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 22.2 Debuts with Linux 4.9.43, Apache 2.4.27

4MLinux developer Zbigniew Konojacki informs Softpedia on Sunday about the release and general availability of TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 22.2 independently-developed, 4MLinux-based server-oriented GNU/Linux distribution. Based on 4MLinux Server 22.2, TheSSS (The Smallest Server Suite) 22.2 is here one month after the 22.1 point release to update various of its core components of the built-in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) server, which is now powered by Linux kernel 4.9.43 LTS, Apache 2.4.27, MariaDB 10.2.7, PHP 7.0.22 and 5.6.31, as well as the BIND 9.11.2 DNS server and Stunnel... Read more

MKVToolNix 15.0.0 Released with Improved Support for New Track Header Elements

MKVToolNix developer Moritz Bunkus announced the release of MKVToolNix 15.0.0 “Duel with the Devil” open-source and cross-platform MKV (Matroska) manipulation utility for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms. MKVToolNix 15.0.0 represents the monthly maintenance update of the application designed to help users merge or split MKV files, as well as to extract or add audio, video, or subtitles from/to these containers. The biggest changes in this release is the improvement of support for new track header elements, which are useful for video archiving purposes. Part of the implementation, the developer... Read more

A Linux File Manager Built Using Electron

We’ve written about plenty of Electron apps, from music players to e-mail clients, code editors and chat tools — but the following tool the first Electron file manager we’ve come across! It’s called JumpFM and it’s described as a ‘minimalistic dual pane file manager for Linux’. The developer of the app cites fman, a cross-platform Qt file manager, and Exa, a terminal tool that […] This post, A Linux File Manager Built Using Electron, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!. Read more

Various Ways to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 without Third-Party Apps

Whether you want to share something with your IT guy or are composing a How-To, taking a screenshot of your computer can be incredibly useful. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to capture screenshots in Windows 10. Snipping Tool We’ll begin with one that many of you are probably familiar with: the Snipping Tool. It’s been around since the Vista days and for good reason. It’s intuitive and easy to use. To open up the app, navigate to Start -> All Programs -> Windows Accessories -> Snipping Tool.... Read more