Data Breaches: How It Happens And How It Affects You

We hear about data breaches all the time and a few big ones took place in 2017. But not every one knows the significance of data breaches. If you are wondering what exactly is “data breaches” and what effects it has on your privacy and security, read on to find out what is meant by a data breach and how it impacts Internet users (you). Definition of a Data Breach “Data Breach” isn’t one of those vague terms you can’t guess the meaning of from their etymology, but it’s always... Read more

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device

You probably take screenshots all the time to either share a conversation or an image. Sharing them is easy when all you have to send is a screenshot or two, but what if you need to send various? Instead of bombarding your friend with multiple screenshots, you can take and send a scrolling screenshot. A scrolling screenshot is when you take one long screenshot that captures what various screenshots would cover but in one image. Taking these kinds of screenshots is not as hard as you think and it will... Read more

Windows VR headsets now available with deep discounts

Enlarge / An array of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. (credit: Microsoft) With its Windows VR headsets, Microsoft wanted to make it simpler and cheaper to get into PC-based virtual reality. But perhaps not quite this cheap. Most of the Windows VR headsets on the market are now available on Amazon in the US for around 50 percent off; for as little as $200, you can get a headset complete with a pair of motion controllers that will run Windows Mixed Reality software and which has beta quality support for SteamVR... Read more

Apollo Lake Pico-ITX SBC offers multiple roads to expansion

Advantech’s Linux-ready “MIO-3360” Pico-ITX SBC is equipped with a choice of Apollo Lake SoCs, dual display support, mini-PCIe and MIOe expansion connectors, and an optional carrier board. Advantech’s MIO-3360 SBC is a lower-end alternative to the similarly Apollo Lake driven and Pico-ITX form factor MIO-2360. While the previous model had several real-world ports, there are […] Read more

10 Bad Tech Habits You Should Stop in 2018

In 2018 and beyond, you’ll need to kick out some of the toxic bad habits that hurt your privacy, security and even your health. To get you started, we’ve listed 10 habits that are very common among internet users. Take a little time today and spend time improving your tech habits so that 2018 can run more smoothly for you. 1. Having weak passwords and password reuse It is already 2018, and we are still having weak and bad passwords issue. Having a weak, easily guessed password is bad on... Read more